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How to Use a Jade / Rose Quartz Face Roller

How to Use a Jade / Rose Quartz Face Roller

Hello Beautiful, Tania here! 

I am going to introduce to you the latest beauty tool trend that is sure to be a new staple in your daily skin routine – The Jade / Crystal Face Roller!

So, let's answer the most common question first...  what exactly is a Jade / Crystal Face Roller? As much as it’s new to the beauty world, it’s not a new beauty tool at all. In fact, it's an Ancient Chinese anti-aging face tool that has been around since the early 17th century. The roller consists of a large and small smoothed crystal roller sitting on either end. The crystal properties and coolness, combined with rolling specific target areas in distinct directions come with many benefits. 


The benefits of using this ancient face roller are plentiful and includes –

1. Aids draining the lymphatic system of the face

2. Helps decrease puffiness in the face

3. Helps release tension in the jaw

4. Stimulates the skin of the face, increasing blood flow

5. Increases absorption of your face oil / moisturiser

6. Helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles

7. Improves elasticity of the skin

8. It feels good!



Before you start using your roller, make sure to wash your face first. Then apply your favourite face oil, mist or moisturiser to help the roller glide across your skin smoothly, whilst allowing your skin to gain maximum absorption. 

Using the illustrated guide, use the larger roller to roll your face in the direction of the arrows. Roll 5-6 times each time.

1. First start by rolling in a downward direction on your neck. This opens up the lymphatic draining system, which allows the fluid creating puffiness to drain down from your face.

2. Roll from your jawline downward towards your collar bone.

3. Roll along your jawline towards the base of your ears. 

4. Roll from the midline of your face to the outside of the cheeks.

5. Roll your forehead in an upwards motion starting from the middle of the forehead. Then from the middle of the forehead towards the temples.

KEY POINT : The main function of a Jade / Crystal roller, is to drain the lymphatic system of the face and reduce puffiness. This cannot be successfully done without rolling out your neck. The fluid becomes stagnant and the neck acts like a drainage system. When fluid builds up in the neck the fluid is retained in your face creating the puffiness. Rolling out your neck helps release the fluid like a detox, therefore reducing the puffiness in your face. If you don't have enough time to do a full face massage with the roller, at the very least, roll out your neck each day.



1. Roll from the middle of the bottom lip across the chin horizontally towards the jaw.

2. Roll from the middle of the top lip across vertically towards to the base of the ear.

3. Roll up each side of the nose towards the forehead.

4. Gently roll under the eye from the inside of the eye along the base towards the outside of the eye. 

5. Gently roll across the eyebrow area from above the inner eye toward the outer part of the eye.

HOT TIP : Put your roller in the fridge a couple of hours before use to increase its effectiveness.

Use the jade / crystal face roller once to twice a day to maximize the full effect.