About Me


"A fundamental lesson I learnt from this was, what's on the outside doesn't always represent the goodness inside" 

Who am I and Why Self-care, Beauty & Wellness products?

Hi, I'm Tania and I'm a mum of 2 young boys 22 months apart. 

I once read that if you love something, you can sell it! I'm probably going to overshare a little here, but I have a slight obsession for skincare. I started a solid skincare routine from the tender age of 13. My mum used to work for a factory that bottled skincare products. Whenever a production line had any rejects, the workers were allowed to take all these goodies home at the end of the week. I remember getting excited when mum came home after work on Friday's and claiming my stake on these rejects filled with perfect product. A fundamental lesson I learnt from this was, what's on the outside doesn't always represent the goodness inside. So, although we struggled at times to afford the basic necessities growing up, we always had nice skincare products at our disposal. As an adult, I have cream in every corner of my house. The kitchen, my work desk (kitchen table), bedside table, handbag, baby bag, bathroom, I literally need to have cream within my grasp at all times. Dry hands or a dry face is the equivalent to nails down a chalk board for me. I also like to think I have great skin for my age, and although I may not be a qualified expert, I have a passion for skincare products and know a good product when I see it (or become obsessed with using it).

Self-care and Wellness felt like a natural addition to Visage Avenir. This business started in a time when Victoria was in the harshest lockdown the world has ever endured. There were no spas, no way to escape your own home. We had 1 hour a day to spend outside in the middle of winter. I wanted to stock products and packages for people to be able to use to have a mini getaway in their own home. 


My small business supports other small businesses; 

Not only do I have my own range of organic skincare and high quality handmade beauty face tools, I also stock amazing products made by equally amazing women (you all know who you are). Since I have started my business, I have formed friendships with my wholesalers as we walk this hard journey of trying to make it on our own in the world. I advocate what they make, and can also advocate who they are as individuals and why I want to be working with them.

I strive to make my business eco-friendly:

Why? As a mum, it is so important to me that I do my bit to create a more sustainable world for my sons and the future generations to come. It's not a fad wagon I want to hop onto. After watching David Attenbourough's 'A Life On Our Planet' something inside me clicked, and I wanted to do more... I NEEDED to do more. Not just the little things we have grown accustomed to do, but to help rebuild what sustainable life we have lost.

How? Visage Avenir have teamed up with Ecologi to help replant trees in areas impacted by deforestation. We donate every month to offset our carbon footprint, and an additional tree gets planted with every order that is placed. You can visit our little forest and watch it grow by clicking here!

What else are we doing? Although I strive to have high quality products, I have ditched the idea of packing them in pretty, unsustainable packaging. I love the look of luxe packaging, but I could not justify the impact it has on our environment, and so we use eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. Kraft paper is making a comeback!

The final reason why you should choose to shop with us?

I do a little happy dance every time we get an order! (true story)