My Values

Animal Cruelty Free
My skincare products are animal cruelty free and vegan. It doesn't just
stop at my skincare, I have made a point to only stock animal cruelty free products. Rest assured, no animals have been harm when you get your pamper products here!
100% Natural Skincare
My skincare products are 100% natural. Using the best organic botanical
ingredients, Visage Avenir's Aussie made skincare is free of any nasty chemicals.
Eco-Friendly & Climate Positive
I felt that using eco-friendly, sustainable packaging wasn't enough
to make a change to our environmental crisis we are facing. I also wanted to be apart of the movement that rebuilds a sustainable Earth for
future generations to come, in particular, my children. To achieve this, I've teamed up with Ecologi to
become a Climate Positive workforce by planting trees every month, not only to offset my and my businesses emissions and be carbon neutral, but to do that little bit more and and become climate positive. You can visit VA Sanctuary (my little forest) to see where all the trees have been planted around the
world in areas that have been subjected to deforestation by clicking here
Rebuilding our future one tree at a time.
Women Supporting Women
When I first started Visage Avenir, the original plan was to stock my own brand completely. While on my journey to find quality products, I have met and have teamed up with some amazing women with amazing products that I HAD to stock. From then onwards, my plans changed to continue to find amazing products sourced by other women. So when you support my small business you are supporting many small businesses.